5 Years and still Mobile OSs lacks this primary feature! Wow!

I would like to ask a question before we dive into which feature I am referring to in my over exaggerating title. How do you categories/manage your apps in your “Smart” phone? As I can think of, there are only two answers for that, one is by doing nothing, and second, by creating folders, as in like all games go to Games folder, Social app goes to Social folder etc.

I found it quite unsettling to manage apps using folders; one of the reason was choosing the right folder. Slack, it deserves to be in Work folder or Chat folder? 🤔 And quite a tedious job as well. 😅

With the increased phone memory capacity now we can have hundreds of apps installed on our phone, with some of the apps not used since the day it was installed. This happens with me mostly for the photo editing apps or some games. 😬 The issue is not always that they are not good, or I don’t want to use them or play that game. But they got disappear in some folder or overlooked because of the number of other apps. In addition to that when I would actually need that app, I won’t recall the name of the app or game but only recall it was a racing game or I need a photo editing app. Won’t it be helpful instead of putting that game in the game folder, I tag it with #game, #race etc. And search it, based on the tag like #race.

Five years back, when I used to have an Android phone (Nexus 5) as my primary phone, I created an App called ApTag. It was meant to solve some of these issues and more. As per my recent search still, the only app which solves these problems. It works just perfect even now after five years, even better as phones specification have improved a lot from then.

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Was also seen in Best of Product Hunt Android Apps

- App search based on app names and tags
- Rename apps using tags
- Hide apps to appear in the search result
- Clickable tags
- Auto keyboard focus for minimizing efforts
- App usage learning, more used apps will come at the top of search result
- Widget to open application
- Use Google Now swipe gesture to open application

- Long press on apps to look for an option to edit tags, open app info or uninstall the app
- Add multiple tags at once by hash(#), space( ) or comma(,) separated
- Start the search with the hash(#) to filter search only based on tags but not the app name
- Tag app ‘#hide’ to remove apps coming to search result
- Type ‘#hide’ to see all hidden apps
- Click tag to open all similar tagged apps

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